August 2001, Philmont

Philmont, 722B

Our troop took a crew to Philmont for Trek Itinerary #2 starting on July 22nd. We left a few days early in order to aclimatize to the elevation, and to enjoy the scenery.

Our crew consisted of Nick H (crew leader), Gareth da C, Ty F, Sean M, Thomas R, Jody F (advisor), Kevin H (advisor), and Dave R (advisor).

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We started our trip by flying from Portland to New Mexico. Once there, we rented a van and found a camping place for the night.
We spent our first full day in New Mexico walking around small towns and traveling closer to Philmont. We spent the night at NRA's Whittington Center.
We spent our first day at base camp getting training under the supervision of Laura G. We also checked out gear, did the medical checks, and learned which of the campsites had water available.
We spent the first night on the trail at Anasazi camp. This was an unstaffed site which allowed our replacement ranger, Lisa E, to do the camping training used at Philmont. Philmont has special issues:
  • Animals including bear, cougars, rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders.
  • Lightning, regularly scheduled for 2:00 in the afternoon except for monsoon season.
  • Dealing with 3,000 people moving through the camp at any given time.
These issues are dealt with during the ranger training.
Our next stop was Indian Writings. This site allowed the scouts to sift through dirt looking for man made artifacts (mostly chipped stone) and to examine housing from three different eras, and to see petroglyphs from the Anasazi Indians (precursors to the Pueblo Indians).
Ponil was the site of the original camp at Philmont. The scouts rode horses, and sipped root beer and sang songs in the cantina.
We were scheduled to do some rock climbing at Dean Cow. However, rainy weather shut down the rock climbing all day. It was a wet, slippery walk into camp. This is where the crew leader's life was slightly defaced by the staff.
Harlan campsite dealt with shotguns and burro racing.
Deer lake was a relaxation day. We didn't have to walk far, and it had beautiful scenery. We got in the shotgun shooting before leaving for deer lake.
Sawmill is the camp where the scouts did .30/06 shooting.
Webster Parks is a small suburb outside of Cimmarroncito. We walked into 'Cito to do our trail conservation project.
The next morning we walked back to 'Cito for rock climbing, and then went to Upper Clark's Fork for camping. We wandered back to Clark's Fork for a chuck wagon dinner and entertainment.
It was time to go to Tooth Ridge, and the Tooth of Time.
Back to base camp to finish up our trek.
Back to base camp to finish up our trek. We toured the Ville Philmonte and drove back to the airport.

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