July 2000, Three Sisters 50 Mile hike

Three Sisters hike

On the 21st to 27th of July our troop went on a 65 mile hike in the Three Sisters Wilderness area. At different times, we had different scouts along: Trevor d (5 days), Ty F (7 days), Nick H (4 days), Sean M (7 days), Amphil R (4 days), and Thomas R (1 day resupply and South Sister climb).

The adults were John D (7 days), Kevin H (1 day resupply and South Sister climb), and Dave R (7 days).

An interactive map of the area can be found at terraserver.

There is a separate page for each day of our trek. Just click on the picture to see a little of what we saw on that day. Unfortunately, cameras cannot really capture what we saw out there.

You can see an overview of all of the pictures. There are lots of them.

Some of the photos are on the web pages listed below, but not all of them as there are too many. You can see all of them by looking at the overview (above), or when you click on a photo, you can use the arrows at the bottom to see other photos taken at about the same time.

Day 1 We started at the Obsidian Trail trailhead known on the USGS maps as Frog Camp,

Day 2 Camping at Mesa Creek.

Day 3 Ending at Moraine Lake.

Day 4 Climbing South Sister

Day 5 Twin unnamed lakes

Day 6 South Matthieu Lake

Day 7 Leaving the mountains.

Pictures of mountains There are a number of named peaks within the wilderness area.

Alpine flowers Wildflowers abound through the mountains. They undoubtably vary based upon location and the temperature at the different sites.

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