April 2001, Archery / Rifle campout

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The archery / rifle trip is one of our annual trips, and is usually quite popular. This year we had Neil B, Ty F, Nick H [day only], Grant K [day only], Kyle L, Curtis M, Peter R, Thomas R, Amphil R, and Isaac S.

For adults we had Dolf d, Jody F, Gary H, Walt H, Alan M, Dave R, Don S, and Beray Y.

The Benton Bowman are nice enough to loan us the use of their archery range and hillside for camping, and the Corvallis Elks loans us their rifle range.

Some of these photos are from Jody F, some from Walt H, and the remainder are from Dave R.
When we got to the Benton Bowman property we set up our tents on top of the hill. This gives a great view of the surrounding area. Walt and Jody went down to the Elk's rifle range to set up our .22 area.
The archery range is laid out like a golf course with about 50 targets. You shoot at a target, walk up to retrieve your arrows, and then move to the next target. There is varied terrian, targets, etc. so you can keep shooting with new challenges until your arms or fingers tire out. Beray enjoys a bit of spring sunshine. The Elk's rifle range has a covered area with benches to shoot from. As we did have a certain amount of sprinkling, the cover was nice.
Meanwhile, back at the archery range, Dolf gives instructions to the scouts on archery on the practice targets.
The Benton Bowman recently aquired several more acres, and have moved their practice targets onto this new piece of property. Some of the scouts and adults at the rifle range.
We used a variety of targets at the rifle range including traditional bull's eyes, balloons, "pot shots", clay pigeons, playing cards, etc. More scouts at the archery range.
The adults had a dutch oven stew. The archery club house provides a nice sheltered area for cooking and playing cards.
Some of the scouts were eating fairly well on this trip. The younger scouts decided to try for carmel rolls in the dutch oven.

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