April 2001, Archery / Rifle campout

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The archery / rifle trip is one of our annual trips, and is usually quite popular. This year we had Neil B, Ty F, Nick H [day only], Grant K [day only], Kyle L, Curtis M, Peter R, Thomas R, Amphil R, and Isaac S.

For adults we had Dolf d, Jody F, Gary H, Walt H, Alan M, Dave R, Don S, and Beray Y.

The Benton Bowman are nice enough to loan us the use of their archery range and hillside for camping, and the Corvallis Elks loans us their rifle range.

Some of these photos are from Jody F, some from Walt H, and the remainder are from Dave R.
We didn't toss the pigeons, just used them for targets. This barn is a rather interesting landmark of the area.
It really is spring.
During the afternoon, Alan M came up to help some of the scouts with their Environmental Science merit badge. In the evening, Jody relaxes with a book.

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