October 1999, River's Edge

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On the 23rd of October, our troop went to River's Edge on the Alsea River. This area usually has some good fishing, but this year the weather wasn't with us. Instead of having lots of rain, we've had really nice days. This weekend had a few sprinkles, but otherwise was very nice.

We had a number of scouts as well as some Webelo's from Pack 163. Tom B (webelo), Neil B (webelo), Trevor d, Ty F, Nick H, Grant K, Curtis M, Sean M, Peter R (webelo), Thomas R, and Conrad S.

We also had several adults: Wes B, Bob B, Tim K, Dave R, and Don S.

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The first order of business was to do a service project in exchange for the use of the camp. There is a boat slide which has been somewhat overgrown with blackberries and some dirt. We
All of the scouts (and the webelo's) pitched in, and we got the job done in about an hour.
Once we were done, the change was rather noticeable. Hopefully the blackberries don't grow back too quickly.
The park has a large field which is great for games and setting up tents. We had frisbee, football, golf, and capture the flag running at various points through the weekend. There is also a nice covered shelter area with cooking and eating space. There is an inside fireplace as well as an outside firepit. # The water looks like it is supplied by well and has a bit of # sulphur in it.
The river was rather low this year. However, that didn't stop the scouts from using the river for skipping stones, fishing, and general exploring. The scouts were tossing the football around for awhile, and then had a more or less organized game.
Tim spent a bit of the time making a pencil sketch of the building. It's a rather nice rendition.
We had a light rain over the night, and woke up to a nice morning. There was a little morning fog which burned off to have a bright morning. Some people weren't really quick on waking up. One of our guests decided to have a bit of fun with the sleepyheads.
Tim's drawing took a fair amount of time. This is how it looked towards the end. We also saw some wildlife. Here is one of the fuzzy catepillers.

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