Troop 163, Corvallis OR, USA

Jefferson School Gym
Monday evenings
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Welcome to Troop 163. Here is some general information about the troop as a guide to parents. We hope you and your Scout will have a great scouting experience. Expect to join in fun outdoor activities, to learn new skills, to see your boy grow in confidence and character, and to become a leader.

What's Happening?
An agenda is available for each weekly meeting, distributed by email (please give your address to the Scoutmaster), on paper (at the meeting), and on the troop web page. This helps parents know what's planned for the meeting, and what events are coming up.

Troop 163 Scouts learn leadership skills. Assisted by adults, the boys conduct meetings, make plans, and carry out their activities. The troop is organized into patrols, groups of boys who work together. Each boy has an opportunity to be a patrol leader. The patrol leader's job includes representing the patrol and passing along information not available during the troop meeting. Other leadership positions include senior patrol leader, librarian, guide, and more.

Merit Badges
Merit badges and other rank advancement activities invite in-depth exploration of a subject, and are the primary path to learning new skills. Boys can choose from over 100 badges. Requirements appear in BSA merit badge pamphlets and in the book Boy Scout Requirements, available at Scout distributors (highly recommended). Many merit badge books are available to check out from the troop librarian. The troop offers Scouts the opportunity to work on several badges a year, and more are offered at summer camp.

Camping is central to many Scout activities. The Boy Scout Handbook includes packing lists and can help you prepare for camping and hiking. It is not necessary to purchase a lot of new equipment to get started. Experienced campers in our troop will have suggestions for using what you already have at home. The troop also has some extra things your Scout can borrow to get started. Meals for camping are usually handled within each patrol. Each Scout may be asked to bring part of the food, or the patrol may go shopping together to purchase the food. Camping pictures can be viewed on the web page. (If you would prefer your child's picture not be on the web page, please let Dave Regan know.)

Fund raising
Troop costs are kept to a minimum, and financial assistance is available for special needs. Fund raising helps. Events include popcorn sales, wreath sales, and newspaper recycling. If you have newspapers to contribute, they can be brought to the weekly meeting. Periodically Scouts are asked to help bundle and load newspapers. Each Scout's time is recorded and a percentage of the money earned is put in his troop account. He can earn additional funds through popcorn and wreath sales. This is an opportunity for the boys to earn their own way to summer camp.

How can you help
Troop 163 in managed by volunteers, mostly parents. Your boy will appreciate your involvement.

If you have any question about this page, send mail to Dave Regan