September 2005: Crabbing

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Crabbing in Waldport
Thar be crabs out thar!Crushing rip-rap to get jewels???? There has to be a better thing to do on the beach.
Tillicum Beach.
Throwing rocks in water - what else do boys do?
Sand Castles. But do they want to go crabbing?
True to scouting form, the boys gave away a crab to someone who gave us a tip on where to toss out the pots. Captain Jacob with his catch!
Barnacle Bill the Crab.We estimate that the 6 crabs caught off the rental boat and the 2 caught off the dock cost about $20 each!!!
Nolan the pot puller holds Barnacle Bill.Lot of stuff needed for crabbing. Many thanks to the Helds for providing much of the equipment.

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