August 2004: Camp Meriwether

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Troop 163 chose to spend a week of their 2004 Summer learning crafts and advancing in rank and personal ability here at Camp Meriwether.

Camp Meriwether is located in the Cascade/Columbia/Constantly-Changing Pacific Council (CPC), and is physically located approximatly 11 miles South of Tillamook, Oregon. A fantastic site, this camp sits right on the Pacific Ocean.
The scoutmaster arrives at our campsite, Baden Powell, bringing joy and Troop gear down the service road by car as everyone else hikes 2 1/2 miles into camp. *grins*
"off-road vehicles only please"
Swim Test!!! "In lane one, we have Kyle Levien, in lane two, Michael Phelps, in lane three, Jacob Pscheidt..."

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