October 2003, River's Edge

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River's Edge is a nice facility on the Alsea River. A number of scouts went including: Curtis M, Jacob P, Thomas R, and Isaac S

We had several adults as well including Ron C, Troy M, Jay P, Dave R, and Don S.

Playing with the catepillers and the fish. The fish were safe.
Curtis M decided to see if heavy duty garbage sacks worked better then the lighter ones when used as hip waders. Not really.
Those that didn't fish watched the river and played as mermaids.
The water in the pool was very smooth. The covered shelter has a fireplace, which allowed people to warm up.
Peggy Ball time! In a previous year, Don S had taught us a game from his youth on the East Coast. The fields allowed for activities, including a late night game of Capture the Flag. I think the youth finally understood that adults don't necessarily use the same rule set as they do.

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