July 2002, Summer camp at Camp Baker

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We went to summer camp at Camp Baker near Florence this year. We had five scouts Gareth d, Pavel G Jacob P, Isaac S, and Adrian. We also had Aubrey d, John d, and Dave R as adults.

We shared a campsite with Troop 206, as they only had a single adult that week.
Gareth d and Adrian spent a lot of time down at the COPE course. Or Achery as they have it spelled down there. I don't know how many times I've been past that sign without seeing the misspelling.
Pavel G and Isaac S worked on their Archery merit badge.
During lunch times there were a variety of games. Adrian and Gareth grabbed a random kid to form the Short, Fat guys to play in the three man, three way tug of war. It turns out that the staff person sitting close to the center for judging was actually in a rather poor position.
Aubrey got some Volleyball time in.
Adrian and Gareth actually did rather well with the tug of war, and took second place. Some people had different ways to track time.
Isaac down at the archery range. Gareth and Adrian and the Blind Air Bowling lunch time contest.
Jacob and Pavel at the Blind Air Bowling lunch time contest. Adrian at the rifle range.
Aubrey at the rifle range with the muzzle loader. John and Gareth took a few trips out on the sailboat.

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