May 2002, Camperall

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The camporee this year was held in conjunction with several other districts over in Albany's Timber-Linn Park. That means lots of scouts and lots of activities.

We had Neil B, Gareth d, Ty F, DJ F, Cutis M, Jacob P, Thomas R, and William S as scouts. We also had John d, Roger E, Jody F, Jay P, and Dave R as adults.
The area in front of the log pond was used as the assembly and campfire area.
The park was converted over to use for activities such as tomahawk throwing as well as camping.
While most troops did a camporee style campout, our troop opted for more of a backpacking or "leave no trace" style campout. We did this to leave minimal impact on the area as well as the fact that cooking and cleaning water was in short supply, so we wanted to make those activities simple.

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