April 2002, Archery / Rifle trip

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Each year our troop uses the facilities of the Benton Bowman as well as the Corvallis Elk's rifle range to get the opportunity to learn archery and markmenship skills, as well as having lots of fun.

After we have a safety talk in town, we head out to the site. This year, we had Ty F, Pavel G, Cody L, Kyle L, Curtis M, Sean M, Peter R, Thomas R, and Lewis V as youth. We also had Folk C, Dolf d, Roger E, Jody F, Alex G, Gary H, Walt H, Dave R, and Don S for adults
The archery range has some practice targets to learn the basic archery skills.
There is also a course set up like a golf course what winds its way around many targets where the participants have to learn to deal with changes of elevation.
There are variety of 3D targets around which people took particular delight in hiting.

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