March 2002, Ft. Stevens

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At the start of spring break, our troop went to the Ft. Steven's State Park in Northwest Oregon.

We had Cody L, Kyle L, Nick H, Grant K, Curtis M, and Thomas R attending. We also had Kevin H, Tim K, and Dave R as adults.

The group campsites are excellent at this park. Plenty of room, and nice facilities. The old gun batteries are impressive structures.
The kids like to play capture the flag through them.
I saw a hummingbird pearched in a tree. The photo doesn't do it justice at all; it had a bright red throat. I've always seen hummingbirds in flight, never pearched.
The tide was lower than I've ever seen at the wreck of the Peter Iredale. It was nice to take a walk around the old ship.
In the evening, the scouts played cards, and enjoyed each other's company.
The raccoons were particularly bold this year. They didn't even wait until we were asleep before they were patrolling the camp, and were within nibbling distance of the card players.

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