March 2002, Court of Honor

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On March 4th, our troop held a court of honor to recognize the achievements of our scouts.
Camping is core to the Boy Scouts, and gives the scouts opportunities to build skills to live in the outdoors, work with other people, and even eat their own cooking. In recognition of their time camping, we give a small award for each 10 nights they were out.
A number of scouts earned merit badges:
NameMerit Badge
Nick HEnvironmental Science
Grant KEnvironmental Science
Kyle LEnvironmental Science
Sean MEnvironmental Science
Thomas REnvironmental Science
Sean MPersonal Fitness
Nick HBackpacking
The following scouts helped out with the Holiday Food Basket for Benton County.
Neil B
Ty F
Pavel G
Nick H
Grant K
Cody L
Curtis M
Sean M
Thomas R
Isaac S
Nick H has earned his Life rank.
NameNumber of nights
Ty F80
Conrad S85
Gareth d87
Thomas R100
We also gave out 50 and 100 night patches as well as the appropriate "X" awards.
Cody L has earned his Scout rank.
Curtis M has earned his First Class rank.

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