July 2001, 4th of July Cleanup

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This is the third year that we've helped the JC's with their fireworks display by doing cleanup on the 5th.

The scouts, and their families, got prime seats to watch the fireworks. Earlier on the 4th, Lewis F gave a talk about firework displays.

Neil B, Gareth d, Diego D, Ty F, DJ F, Cody L, Kyle L, Curtis M, Thomas R, and Isaac S. all helped.

We also had a number of adults helping including Bob B, John d, Becky L, Maria M, and Dave R.

Before the fireworks display, our crew was able to play around with soccer balls, baseballs, frisbees, etc. as well as enjoy dinner.
It looked like the ospreys that nests in the power poles found a different place to be. At least I didn't see them in the nest. If you consider that each of the poles is the better part of a foot in diameter, that nest is pretty large. As it got dark, it got a little cool.
Time for fireworks!

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