May 2001, Camporee

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Benton district held their camporee in May. This is a chance for our troop to get together with other troops in the district for some fun and friendly competition. This year we had several scouts attending including Neil B, Gareth d [visitor], Ty F, DJ F, and Curtis M. Thomas R went as part of the Order of the Arrow contingent. For adults, we had John d [visitor], Jody F, and Dave R. We also had other adults from the troop who helped out our troop as needed, but were mainly there to support the camporee program including John D [treasurer] and Roger E [event loop coordinator].
The scouts from our troop participated in a variety of events. In addition, the adults ran a black hole event with rules of:
Get one of your patrol members
across the Black Hole
You have some limited resources. 2 long poles and a bunch of rope. Nobody can touch the black (plastic) hole. The patrol member being shuttled across the hole cannot touch the pole except for a certain amount of stability. Configure something that will server to suspend him above the hole as you move him from one end to the other. None of the team members can be in the black hole. You have 20 minutes. Remember: Teamwork with leadership is essential. Practice makes perfect. Let the people running the event know when you are ready to make the scored attempt across the black hole.
Different patrols developed different techniques. Most of the patrols built a simple stretcher where the selected scout rode or layed down as they were carried across. Some found interesting readings of the rules. Two patrols covered a section of the pole with rope, and then carried the passenger across in this section.
Some of the older scouts made a challenge of it, and solved the problem in a harder way then strictly necessary. In the end, almost all of the patrols made it across, and those that didn't put in a good showing.
One of the troops put in an obsticle course with five challenges. The first challenge was getting across the monkey bridge. Gareth found it wasn't quite as easy as it looks.
The final challenge was a zip line. The scouts all seemed to think it was great fun. The scoutmaster is not so sure about participating in this challenge in the future.
The weather was great. One of the adults from another unit helped run a chapel service. Our scouts were worn out and enjoyed laying in the sunshine.

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