March 2001, Ft. Stevens

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At the beginning of Spring Break, our troop took a two night trip to Ft. Stevens on the North Oregon coast. This is a favorite of a number of scouts. We even got some moms out this trip.

We had eight scouts out this trip: Neil B, Diego D, Ty F, Nick H. Kyle L, Grant K, Curtis M, and Thomas R.

The following adults attended: Bob B, Trish B, Mariela E, Kevin H, Tim K, and Dave R.

It was a bit of a rainy weekend, but there was enough sun to make it a very enjoyable trip.
Many of the scouts and adults like this site in order to play Capture the Flag at Battery Russell. There are many interconnected rooms to hide things and people in.
In the morning, the scouts to do more cooking. When evening fell, we went back to our camp site to prepare for meals and relax with some card games.
Battery Russell has many interesting features which were once filled with the guns used to defend the Columbia River, and the various tools needed to keep the battery effective. Now, with all of the hardware removed, there are spaces where you have to use your imagination to fill in.
South, and a little higher in altitude is an observation area where people would measure the angles to targets in the ocean and communicate with a similar observation a mile to the North to triangulate a distance out into the ocean. Then this information would be communicated to the gunnery officers to aim their guns. Now all that is left of this area are foundations, empty walls, and small observation buildings.
It was a bit windy at the beach. Some people were flying kites and we looked at the wreck of the Peter Iredale.
We then went to the area to the North where the original fortifications were made during the Civil War. They have a large set of gun batteries which were used from the early 1900s through World War II.

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