March 2001, Court of Honor

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Camping is a large part of Boy Scouts, and we recognize the scouts for each 10 nights they have been out. Neil B was out for 10 nights, and Ty F has been out for 50 nights. They each had the opportunity to talk about some of their memorable campouts. The scouts have all been on a number of community service projects. This evening we recognized some of the service that Diego D, Ty F and Neil B have participated in.
A number of the scouts completed their Computer merit badge, and tonight we awarded that badge to Ty F, Curtis M, and Kyle L. Part of their class involved giving demonstrations like the stretcher race on the previous scout meeting.
Tim K taught the Eagle required Communications merit badge. Most of the scouts have completed it including Nick H, Sean M, Thomas R, and Nick K. Ty F was awarded his Backpacking merit badge which he had earned over the summer.

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