February 2001, Longbow

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On the 3rd and 4th of February our troop went to the Longbow camp upstream from the Cascadia State Park. We had 6 scouts go on this trip: Neil B, Grant K, Kyle L, Curtis M, Thomas R, Conrad S, and who is a friend of Grant's. We also had several adults along: Bob B, Brian I, Tim K, Keith L. and Dave R.

The Longbow camp site is set in a beautiful wooded area, and has a covered dining area and six cabins. Due to the age and the weather, there are always work projects to be done. We were able to use this campsite in exchange for doing some service projects.
The next part of the service project was to strip several poles, and use draw knives to shape them to the appropriate diameter. These poles will be used as part of the re-roofing of the cabins.
Bob brought a new camera from the 1940's or 1950's or so. It was a Graflex camera with bellows, and a film size far exceeding 35mm film stock. As Bob was still learning how it worked, he wasn't up to taking quick snapshots. The covered dining structure worked well for both cooking and relaxing before bedtime. The weather wasn't bad, but it wasn't conducive to sleeping under the stars either.
Part of the service project we did last time we were here was to bring out stones so some stoneworkers could rebuild the firepit at the campfire bowl. That was done last summer, and the end result is quite nice.
The first project was to haul cedar shakes for three cabins from the parking area to the cabins. This filled a nice sized utility trailer. The shakes weren't too heavy, but the path wasn't too flat. The scouts had a certain amount of work to do just keeping things balanced. The cabins are three sided structures facing the river. Each cabin holds 8 people and an unknown number of chipmunks. There is a small fireplace in front of each of the cabins, but we had little reason to light fires there.
The scouts did a good job of this. All of the adults gave a hand at this as well. It was sort of fun doing this for a few poles. I'd hate to think of how it would feel if we were building a log structure using these tools.

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