October 2000, River's Edge

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On the 28th of October, our troop went to River's Edge on the Alsea River. The weather was a little on the wet side.

We had 5 scouts out this weekend: Ty F, Curtis M, Sean M, Peter R, and Thomas R. In addition, we had several adults: Jody F, Alan M, Dave R, and Don S. Alan and Don were there for just the day.

During one of the times when it wasn't raining (too much), we went out to do a service project which involved clearing away a few blackberries. We actually made a fair amount of headway, and discovered a small ball in the berries.
Don introduced the game of Peggy Ball using that ball. The basic idea is that the ball is flattened on one side, and placed on a small platform made of a flat stick which was layed across another stick. Then, using a bat (i.e. yet another stick), you wack the platform, popping the ball into the air, and then you wack the ball down field. Some of us were more coordinated then others. Peter worked on his firebuilding skills.
Alan helped Sean and Thomas through their Camping Merit badge. These scouts have been camping long enough that this mostly involved some study and discussion time.
Once the ball was downfield, the team who hit it down field estimates how far it is in running steps of the opposing team. If the opposing team does not make it to the ball in that number of steps, then the team who wacked the ball gets points for the estimated steps. However, if the opposing team makes it to (or past) the ball, then that team gets the points. Jody helped Ty and Curtis through their Wilderness Survival merit badge. They built shelters out of tarps and line. Given that it was a very wet night, the scouts learned a bit on how to stay dry.
Having the shelter made the rainy day quite a bit nicer.

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