July 2000, 15 mile hike

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On the 7th to 9th of July, our troop went on a 15 mile hike in support of the Backpacking merit badge. We had four scouts go, as well as four adults. The scouts were Neil B, Ty F, Nick H, and Amphil R. The adults were Bob B, John D, Jody F, and Kevin H.

The trip was between Santiam Pass and McKenzie Pass.

I expect that we will have additional photos in the near future.
On the trip home, several of us stopped at a small lava tube cave. The lava tube had a very thin ceiling, and had some holes through the top. The next three photos were a test playing with my camera. The shot was from a dark area into bright daylight. The first photo is with the camera doing the default job.
The photo on the left has the light restricted. The sky looks blue, but there isn't enough light to see the faces of the people. The photo on the right has extra light allowed to the camera. You can see things on the cave floor, but the outside is pretty much a loss.
From outside the cave, you can see the holes through the ceiling, as well as a section of the lava tube which collapsed long ago.
There were various tubes through the rock of various sizes.

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