July 2000, 4th of July Cleanup

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The J.C.s put on the 4th of July fireworks exhibit in Corvallis each year. For the last couple of years, our troop has helped in the clean up process.

This year, Lewis F and gave a presentation to the scouts on how a fireworks display is put together, including some information on the construction of the fireworks.

The scouts and their families were also able to view the fireworks a closer, less crowded place, which was quite welcome.

Then on the 5th, the scouts put in several hours work cleaning up the debris on 1st street from people who left their trash behind, and then over to where the J.C.'s fireworks were launched to pick up the debris there.

This year we had quite a few scouts and parents helping out including: Neil B, Diego D, Ty F, Curtis M, Peter R, Thomas R, Isaac S, and Andy W. Adults included Bob B, Kathy C, Maria M, Dave R, Crystal S, and Eric S.
On the 4th, we were on the site early to listen to the presentation about running a fireworks show, and then staying there relaxing until the fireworks started.
After it got dark, the J.C.s ran about a 20 minute fireworks show. The camera I use has a different response to light then my eyes do, and the camera captures more of the smoke than the eyes do.

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