June 2000, Clear Lake

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On June 23rd to 25th, our troop went to Clear Lake to do a 15 mile hike in support of the Backpacking Merit Badge. We had Neil B, Ty F, Nick H, Sean M and Amphil R do this hike. In addition we had Bob B, John D, JP D [second night], Jody F, Kevin H and Dave R as adults.

There are lots of photos from this trip. This page only shows some of the nicest. If you follow the arrows from the individual pages you can see additional pictures.

We started of Friday night at the trail head by Fish Creek. We walked down the creek until we got to clear lake.
This pool is spring fed, and incredibly clear. Jody guessed the depth at about 30 feet, although you could clearly see the bottom. Clear lake was formed about 3000 years ago when the Army Corps of Volcanos caused a river of lava to flow from Sand Mountain blocking the McKenzie River. The trees in the new lake bottom are still there, as the processes of decay don't operate at the temperatures of this lake. Also, the lake is very clear, so you can still see the bottom. Portions of this lava are still around.
We spent the first night at the campsite on Clear Lake.
In the morning we took off for Saturday's part of the hike. You can see the bottom of the lake towards the front of this photo. As we walked along the McKenzie River there were a number of bridges made of logs like this one. Some only had a single handrail allowing a nice view.
We went on the Waterfall Trail which led us past several waterfalls.
There were signs of fire and other damage in some of trees. However, some of these were rather interesting in their own right.
We passed a couple of reservoirs along the way which are used for flood control and recreation.

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