May 2000, Camporee

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Benton district held their camporee is a chance to get together with other units to test their skills. This year we had several scouts attending including Neil B, Ty F, Curtis M, and Sean M.

Thomas R and Conrad S attended with the Order of the Arrow.

Troy M and Dave R attended, and Maria M came on Saturday to complete her adult training. Thanks to all who came.

Camporee is the the that new members of the Order of the Arrow are tapped out. This year Sean M was tapped out. Congratulations to Sean! The tap out ceremony was particularly well done this year.

It is spring time, and flowers are blooming. Some of the trees in this area had amusing shapes.
This camporee, the scouts took a short hike (about a mile), and set up camp for Friday night. Then on Saturday morning, they took a two mile hike where they encounted various skill events and then finally set up camp on Saturday.
Camporee is a place to share ideas. The Beef patrol had an interesting flag. Unidentified district people helped run the various events under hardship conditions. This has to be the best weather for a camporee that I've been to in modern years.
Maria is taking part of the training class. It looked like she was the lightest person in the class and thus an ideal candidate to test the makeshift stretcher. Note that in real life, it won't be the lightest person who is hurt. Our scouts popped out of the event trail at about 4:00PM after starting at about 9:00. The waiting at various events was somewhat worse then in previous years. At least they had nice weather. The theme of the camporee is based upon some of the adventures of Baden-Powell and the defense of Mafeking. See: for background information. The scouts thought that this theming worked out fairly well.
Conrad was the Master of Ceremonies at the campfire. At the end of the campfire, the OA held their tapping out ceremony, and Sean was selected. This was based upon a vote of the scouts a couple of months ago.
At the end of camporee we attended the awards ceremony.

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