April 2000, Archery / Rifle campout

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Each year our troop goes on a trip to practice our archery and rifle skills. The Benton Bowman and Corvallis Elk's are kind enought to lend us their facilities for this activity.

This year we had nine scouts attending: Tom B, Ty F, Matt H (visiting webelo), Grant K, Curtis M, Sean M, Thomas R, Isaac S, and Andy W.

In addition, we had a number of adults there for one or both days: Dolf d, Jody F, Walt H, Glen H, Troy M, Alan M, Dave R, Don S, and Jeremy T (previous scout).
The Benton Bowman not only allow us to use their archery range, but they also loan us bows, arrows, arm and finger guards. Dolf is a member of the Benton Bowman as well as the parent of a previous scout. He does a saftey talk at the troop meeting before the event, and then comes out to give an on site presentation on the saftey and use of the archery equimpment.
The club has about 45 acres. They have a nice shelter for when the weather is wet, and is a convienient meeting and cooking area. They have a practice range with targets at various distances. Then they have their course of about 28 targets threaded through the acreage. This gives the scouts a new challenge on each target where they have to adjust for shooting up or down hill, shooting various distances, etc.
Walt and Jody are members of the Elk's Shooting Club. The Elks allow us the use of their rifle range for the weekend. This is an elaborate rifle range, allowing for shots of up to 600 yards. We were using .22 rifles at 25 yards.
Jody has been giving the saftey talk in the troop meeting before the event for many years. His son (Ty) is now in the troop as well. Walt has been the range master at the range for many years as well. Together they keep the rifle safe and fun for the scouts (and adults). Walt offers prizes for specific goals of accuracy, and also certifies targets for use on the Rifle Merit Badge.
It is spring time, and a variety of flowers are out. These two are about the size of a dime.
The sun (and younger scouts) were up early in the morning. From the top of the hill you have a great view of the surrounding area.

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