April 2000, Jefferson Carnival

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On the 28th of April, Jefferson School held their annual Carnival. Our troop helps out at this event. This year we handled the normal basketball toss (with "unfair" basketballs), and a test of strength booth where you have to swing a mallet to send a weight up a column to hit a bell.

We had a number of scouts take part including: Tom B, Neil B, Ty F, Grant K, Sean M, Thomas R, Isaac S, and Andy W. We also had other kids stop by to help out with the booth from time to time.

The kids shoot the ball from some arbitrary line based upon the whim of the operator and the size of the kid. Bob B operated a booth which took photos and printed them out on an HP printer.
Andy and Grant explain how the game works to one of the participants. Ty watches one of the participants. We usually had a fair number of people in line. It was interesting watching the kids as they picked up the basketball. It doesn't dribble or handle as expected, because it is partially filled with water. Even with that, there were kids who could consistantly make the basket from the free throw line. Go Aric!
The gym was filled with people. There were other events in other parts of the school as well. This is a time where the parents get to chat, and kids get to be a little wild. Sean is watching over the Test of Strength.

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