April 2000, Scout Show

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The scouts of Troop 163 (with some friends) built a tower at the scout show to demonstrate their skills at Pioneering.

The scouts participating were: Neil B, Ty F, Paul F (visitor), Grant K, Curtis M, Sean M, Thomas R, Conrad S, and Isaac S.

We also had a number of adults helping including: Al B (visitor), Bob B, Jody F, Walt H, Maria M, Troi M, Alan M, Dave R, and Don S.

Jody passed around a set of drawings from a web site illustrating several possible projects for the Scout Show. The scouts picked this Stilt Tower for construction.

Construction started the night before the show. We had a number of the scouts (and visitors), and shared Pizza and lashings.
We constructed the main base flat on the ground.
Once the base was well under constructions, we took careful measurement of the spacing of the base, and then started construction of the platform.
With the base constructed, we placed some temporary supports at the upper end so that we could lash in the platform. After the platform was in place, we removed the temporary supports.
On the morning of the scout show, we started assembling the platform with all of the permanent supports.
Half of the platform was decked with small logs; the other half was covered with rope woven into a mat. This proved to be a very nice decking.
The tower is approaching completion. Just the final touches are required before we stand the tower up. This included putting on the guy lines, and driving stakes into the ground for the guy lines.

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