March 2000, Court of Honor

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We had a number of scouts achieve new ranks for this Court of Honor.
Curtis M obtained Tenderfoot.
Ty F obtained Second Class.
Matt C obtained Star.
Sean M obtained Life.
NameMerit Badge
David MEmergency Prepardness
David MBasketry
David MRowing
Ty FAviation
Curtis MAviation
Amphil RAviation
Sean MCitizenship in the World
Conrad SCitizenship in the World
Grant KSpace Exploration
Grant KCooking
Sean MCooking
Sean MSnow Sports
Curtis M has 10 nights out.
Nick H has 20 nights out.
Andy W has 30 nights out.
Thomas R has 40 nights out.
Mike J was recently awarded the Silver Beaver to recognize his years of activity with scouting.   

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