January 2000, Willamette Pass

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On the 8th of January, Troop 163 took a trip to Willamette Pass. We were able to get permission from the ski resort to camp above their parking lot on the far side of the highway, and had the opportunity to play in the snow.

We had 9 scouts go on this trip. Tom B (webelo), Matt C, Nick H (Saturday only), Grant K, Curtis M, David M, Sean M (Saturday only), Thomas R, and Andy W. In addition, we had a number of adults including Wes B, Kevin H (Saturday only), Tim K, Rafael M, Alan M (Saturday only), Dave R, and Don S.
Thanks for the photos Tim. The ski resort was having night sking. The lights lit up their slope; it also lit up the slope we were on. Some of the scouts (and Don) did some night time playing in the snow.
Looking over the parking lot, you can see the Willamette Pass ski resort. Our camp site was above the parking lot in a group of trees which provide a bit of shelter.
We set up the kitchen and other areas by tramping down snow. We got the campfire going, and all of the tents up. Our camping area is along a narrow road (or wide trail) through the trees. Thus we didn't have to worry too much about the trees dropping snow onto the tents.
The firepit was recessed from the wind, and the scouts took advantage of it to keep warm.
The lights did a real nice job of lighting the place up. The ski resort was also spending time with their snowplows attempting to clear the parking lot.
As we went to sleep, it started to snow with tiny ice crystals. At first I thought it might be raining. By the time morning came, it had snowed about 4 inches. The tents all did fine, but the tarps didn't fare as well.
Tom was the first one up, and wanted to make sure everyone else also woke up. We cleaned up the campsite, ate breakfast, and broke camp. Afterwards, a few of us went over to the ski resort to take a tour of the operations center there.

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