December 1999, Mary's Peak

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On the 11th of December, Troop 163 took a hike to Mary's Peak. We obtained permission from the Forest Service to use Mary's Peak Park, but we had to make our own way to the park from the gate on the road. The upper portion of the road is closed in the winter months due to budget considerations for clearing the road, as well as repeated vandalism to the facilities at the top of the peak.

Ty F, Curtis M, and Sean M were the scouts, and Dave R and Don S were the adult leaders.
It was slow going hiking up the road. We ate lunch on the trail. We were sharing the road with people on cross country skies, as well as people who had hiked partway up with sleds and snowboards.
The hike up was mostly clear. As we got towards the park, their was a slight mist in the air, which turned to intermitant rain. We set up a camp to keep out the rain as much as possible.
Once camp was set up, Ty and Sean went out to see if they could use Sean's snowboard. The air had a very heavy mist, and the scouts were not too successful with the snowboard, though they gave it a good try.
The scouts tried again with the sled within camp. This had a bit more success.
The grove of trees we were in caused our area to be darker then the open areas, so we started dinner fairly early. The night had gusts of wind, and continual rain. We decided to break camp early and work our way down the hill through a continual light rain. By the time we were at the cars, we were all ready to go home.
We decided to stop at a diner in Philomath to get a good breakfast in before heading on home. It was quite welcome.   

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