October 1999, Aviation merit badge field trip

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Tim K is teaching the Aviation merit badge to a number of the scouts. Those scouts, as well as other interested scouts from the troop went out to the Corvallis Airport to see charts, airplanes, etc.

Alan M introduced Tim K to Chris G. Chris is a person who works with Alan at OSU, and happens to be a pilot. Chris went through the airplane showing the scouts what was on the plane, as well as discussing procedures such as checklists, preflight inspection, and similar issues.

Once the meeting was done, some of the kids had the opportunity to fly on a small plane.

We had seven scouts along for the outing: Tristin A (a guest from 186), Ty F, Grant K, Curtis M, Thomas R, Amphil R, and Andy W.
Most of our time was spent examining the Mooney airplane. This is a low winged airplane with retractable gear.
Chris explained to the scouts what the instruments are, and what they do.
We went through the hangers looking at other aircraft as well. Out in one of the hangers, there are some people putting together a kit airplane. Inside the hanger were a number of planes. This one is an old Navy trainer.
Chris took the kids up in the plane three at a time. When Thomas got back, he said he wasn't aware there was so much farm land around the area.
Besides the farmland, they took a trip over town, and saw the OSU stadium, and flew over some of the passenger's houses.
Once the first group got back, Chris took the second group up in a different airplane, a Cessna. Those kids were also up in the air for about 20 minutes. The kids all had a great time, and seemed to learn some things about airplanes at the same time.

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