September 1999, Duffy Lake Hike

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On the 25th of September, our troop went to Duffy Lake in the Jefferson Wilderness area. This was about an 8 mile walk, with a side trip looping around the lake.

We had Nick H, Thomas R, and Andy W as scouts, and Dave R, and Don S for adults.
The walk in was at a gentle slope (about 1000' over 4 miles), though it was a bit cool. We took breaks to relax and look at the scenery. The Santiam River looks a little dry this time of the year.
When we got to Duffy Lake, we dropped our packs, and walked around the lake looking at the scenery, and looking for camping spots. In the end, we decided on the place where we dropped our packs initially. In the surrounding area, the scouts found parts of a streambed which had dried up to small ponds with no connecting water. In the ponds were small fish.
The far side of the lake was dominated by Duffy Butte, which rose another 1000' above the lake surface. Throughout the day, the clouds gave this peak different appearances. We gathered wood for a campfire. Some were more adept at gathering wood then others.
The temperature dropped down towards freezing, and the fire was very welcome to stay warm. However, even at this time of the year, there were wild flowers around.
There were places where the rocky nature showed through. It also appeared that a couple of stones fell into Thomas' pack over the night. He finally noticed them after he hiked out and got home.

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