June 1999, Court of Honor

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On 7 June 1999, we held a Court of Honor for Troop 163 at Walnut Park to recognize the work and accomplishments of the scouts.

We have been using troop meetings to work on a pair of Eagle required merit badges: Emergency Preparedness and Personal Management. Matt C, Trevor d, Nick H, Grant K, David M, Sean M, Conrad S, Kyle W, and Andy W earned their Emergency Preparedness merit badge. This same group of scouts is almost done with their Personal Management merit badge which will be awarded at the next Court of Honor.
Kathy K has spent quite a few hours guiding the scouts through the Personal Management merit badge. Andy W, Conrad S, Grant K, and Thomas R completed their Fingerprinting merit badge offered by one of the officers of the Corvallis Police department.
Conrad S earned his Graphic Arts merit badge using facilities he had available at high school. Curtis M earned his Scout rank. David M earned his 10 nights out, Thomas R earned his 30 nights out, and Trevor d earned his 40 nights out patch. Thomas R earned his God and Country award.

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