June 1999, 10 Mile Lake

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On the fifth of June, Troop 163 made a trip down to 10 Mile Lake. Some friends of the deVos' and Kimbles have property down there that they graciously let us use. In addition, they contact the neighbors to borrow cannoes and rowboats.

We had 8 scouts: Trevor d, Ty F, Nick H, Grant K, Curtis M, David M, Thomas R, and Kyle W. In addition, we had Mark d, Pieter d, Kevin H, Tim K, Dave R, as well as some of Trevor's siblings. Mark d also brought a motorboat which the scouts used to get very cold and wet as they were towed on inner tubes.

10 Mile Lake is south of Florence and inland a little ways. In the evening when it is quite, you can almost make yourself think you can hear the surf from over the hills. The property is off on a little cove with a number of cabins around the shore.

Although it threatened to rain, the rain was polite and only came down while we were traveling and sleeping.
A number of scouts tried staying on the inner tubes while being towed behind the motorboat. The property has a nice dock to make it easy to get in and out of the boats. Across the inlet, you can see some of the other cabins. There was little wind which made it easy for the scouts to manuever the boats.
We borrowed one of the canoes from a neighbor, and another canoe (with paddles) from the Easter Seals camp across the inlet.
Some of the scouts tried their hand at fishing. They caught (and released) a number of fish. While they were at it, they also cleared out an accumulation of old cans in the shallow portion of the lake.
There were a couple of wetsuit tops which kept the kids from getting too cold.

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