May 1999, Camporee

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Camporee is a time to test your skills against other scouts in the area. This year we had several scouts attend including Ty F, Curtis M, Sean M, Amphil R, and Thomas R. Conrad S was on camp staff. Jody F and Dave R were along as the adults.

Camporee is also the time that new members of the Order of the Arrow are tapped out. This year Trevor d, Thomas R, and Andy W were selected for this honor. They then need to go to an Order of the Arrow Ordeal to finish the process of becoming members.

Our troop conducted a Team Building event which involved the scouts of a patrol attempting to communicate with each other to complete a task without using their sight. The task required the scouts to make a square and triangle out of a piece of rope (tied into a loop). We saw a number of different approaches for the task. Some patrols did better at this then others, with our scouts coming out at the top.
At one of the other events, our scouts built a litter to carry one of the patrol members some distance and then return them. They did fairly well at this task as well. There were 9 events that the patrols went to which included skills such as compass work, distance and height estimation, and similar activities.
The camporee was held in a very lush area which had been replanted some years before. Our camp was towards the rear of the camping area adjacent to a large drop off.   

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