April 1999, Archery / Rifle Camping trip

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Each year our troop goes on a trip to practice our archery and rifle skills. The Benton Bowman and Corvallis Elk's are kind enough to lend us their facilities for this activity.

This year we had 5 scouts as well as number of Webelos including Aric B (webelo), Nick H, Matthew H (webelo), Grant K, Sean M, Peter R (webelo), Thomas R, and Andy W. We had Dolf d, Jody F, Gary H, Walt H, and Dave R along as adults.

We use the Benton Bowman's property as our base camp. They have a nice hillside for pitching tents and staring at the stars, and an open cabin to make sure that we have a dry place to set up stoves. The archery course is layed out similar to a golf course, with about 20 targets scattered through the property. After you shoot at one target, you go and gather your arrows and move on to the next target. The course goes through trees, across small creeks, and up small hills. It is a very nice and enjoyable walk. Just make sure you don't attempt to go backwards in the course!
The Corvallis Elk's have a rifle range a couple of miles from the Benton Bowman's, which makes it easy to shuttle scouts back and forth. Walt is the main rangemaster to make sure that all of the scouts have a safe and fun time as they learn how to shoot the .22 rifles.

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