April 1999, Scout Show

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The scouts of Troop 163 build a tower to show their skills at Pioneering. The scouts present included Morgan B (a visitor), Ty F, Nick H, Grant K, Sean M, Thomas R, Conrad S, and Dan S. In addition, a number of adults helped: John D, Jody F, Walt H, Gary H, Reed K, Dave R, and Don S.

Jody F helped guide the troop on this project.

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We assembled the base of the tower in it's normal, upright position, taking careful measurements so that the structure would come out level. The planning payed off. We then layed the first pyramid on its side, and started building the second one. In retrospect, we reallized that we could have had two groups working, with the top section not tied at the peak, and then slipped the two sections together on their sides.
As we fit the two sections together on the ground, we had to brace the structure to make it easy to tie the lashings. The small tower that Ty and Conrad are standing next to was built so that we would have an idea of how the project would turn out. The actual tower came very close (except for scale) to the model.
The tower is now completed as far as we wanted to go on its side. We probably should have attached the upper rails at this point, but were attempting to save weight. With some ropes and scout power, we were able to lift the tower into its upright position, getting it ready for the finishing touches.
Once the tower was vertical, we added the top railing (with the assistance of a ladder), and the rope between the tower platform and the railing.

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