March 1999, Ft. Stevens

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On March 20th to 22nd, Troop 163 made a trip to the Tillamook Air Museum and Ft. Stevens.

We had Matt C, Nick H, Grant K, David M, Thomas R, and Andy W. In addition to the scouts, we had a good turnout of parents: Jody F, Kevin H, Tim K, Dave R, and Steve W.

Most of the aircraft are World War II vintage planes, but the one the scouts are next to is an # F-14 F-14 from Desert Storm. The other plane is a # B-25. B-25 It is surprising how small the B-25 is compared to the modern fighter. The funny looking plane is a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser "Guppy". This is a cargo plane built for taking bulky cargo. The # P-38 P-38 is a nice looking airplane.
This is a blimp hanger, so they have a # blimp. blimp. This is a home-made craft which has been donated to the museum. The # Bf-109 Bf-109 is a German plane from early in World War II.
Our first stop was the air museum. The museum is housed in a Blimp hangar built during World War II to patrol the Pacific coast looking for invaders. This is an impressive building, listed as the largest clear span wooden building in the world.
The museum also has a number of simulators for training pilots. These were available for people to sit in. Some of the cockpits were rather tight even for the scouts.
The weather held up quite nicely until after we were in bed. After we left the museum, we had permission to camp nearby for the night. The campsite was within sight of the blimp hanger, and a bit of room to play some football as well as set up the tents.
In the morning we travelled up to Ft. Stevens. After we set up camp, we went over to the gun emplacements and played Capture the Flag. Most of us had a great time, but Jody ended up having second thoughts. The day was bright, sunny, and warm. Unfortunately, the night brought rain, and on Moday morning we packed up and went home.

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