February 1999, Court of Honor

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The Winter Court of Honor was held at Jefferson School.
Ty F was presented with his Tenderfoot Rank. Sean M earned his Star Rank. Sean also earned his Family Life merit badge.
Both Trevor d and Conrad S earned their Life Rank. In addition, Trevor earned his Citizenship in the Nation merit badge, and Conrad earned: Camping, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, and Pets.
Conrad S has a total of 40 nights camping, and Andy W has 20 nights out.
The new scoutmaster, Dave Regan, will be taking over at the start of April.
John P is going up for Eagle Scout. He has completed a number of merit badges for his requirements, and was awarded: Collections, Personal Management, Communications, Citizenship in the Community, Safety, Family Life, Genealogy, and Public Speaking. Good luck on your board of review!
Many of the scouts got their Helping Hand segment for work on the Community Food Drive: Matt C, Trevor d, John P, Ty F, Nick H, Grant K, Geddy K, David M, Sean M, Amphil R, Thomas R, Conrad S, Kyle W, and Andy W. In addition, Sean volunteered at the local animal shelter, and Conrad volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club, so they each received a second Helping Hand patch. Our scoutmaster, Don Solmon, is giving up that post. As a tradition in this troop, the adult committee presented him with a red wool jacket in appreciation for his hard work over the last four years.

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