October 1998, Court of Honor

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The fall Court of Honor for Troop 163 was held at Walnut park. Because of the hour, it was dark, but we were in the covered area. Laterns created an appropriate feel.
The Court of Honor was opened by Grant K, Nick H, and Andy W. The first awards were to recognize our new scouts with their Scout certificates: Amphil R, Ty F, and Geddy K. The certificates were presented by Don S, our scoutmaster.
Amphil R was busy over the summer, and earned both his Tenderfoot and Second Class rank. The following rank advancements were awarded:
Amphil RTenderfoot
David MSecond Class
Amphil RSecond Class
Nick HFirst Class
Grant KFirst Class
Sean MFirst Class
Thomas RFirst Class
Andy WFirst Class
Sean M and Grant K are awarded their Horsemanship merit badge by Trevor d. The Horsemanship merit badge was offered by Cindy M.
One of the more popular merit badges at Camp Baldwin was Canoing. The high point for many of the scouts was swamping canoes. Trevor d presents the Canoing merit badge to David M, Kyle W, Grant K, and Thomas R. Ty F earned his Cooking and Woodcarving (a.k.a. Fingercarving) merit badges at Camp Baldwin.
Conrad S earned his Fish and Wildlife Management, Soil and Water Conservation, and Pioneering merit badges at camp. Because of schedule conflicts, Grant K went to Camp Meriwether instead of Camp Baldwin. He earned hiw Oceanography merit badge there. He also was awarded his Horsemanship, First Aid, and Canoing merit badges.
Sean M has been busy, both at camp and at home. He earned his Rifle Shooting, Swimming, Citizenship in the Nation, First Aid, Horsemanship, and Skating merit badges. Thomas R earned his Canoeing, Pioneering, and First Aid merit badges.
Kevin H is an EMT at the Corvallis Fire Department. He taught a class for the First Aid merit badge, and a number of the scouts took advantage of it. He awarded the merit badge to Thomas R, Andy W, Sean M, and Nick H. Andy W earned his Cooking, Leatherwork, and First Aid merit badges.
Trevor d presents Amphil R with his Rifle Shooting merit badge. Trevor d earned several merit badges at camp: Environmental Science, Pioneering, and Wilderness Survival.

David M, Matt C and Kyle W earned their Canoeing and Cooking merit badges.

Other awards:

Ten Nights Out
Conrad S (2)
Matt C
John P
Grant K
Sean M
Thomas R
Kyle W
Amphil R
Ty F
Helping Hands
Ty FElks Club Flag Ceremony
Geddy K
Amphil R
Conrad S
Kyle W
Thomas R
Sean M
Name(Dan Solmon
David M Summer Camp Service Project
Conrad S Boys and Girls Club

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