September 1998, Honeyman State Park

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Troop 163 went to the coast in September of 1998 to the group campsites of Honeyman state park for two nights. This allowed convieient access to the lake and sand dunes of the park, and allowed lots of room for playing Capture the Flag

We had 6 scouts and three adults along for the trip: Ty F, Nick H, Grant K, Geddy K, Sean M, Amphil R, Andy W, Thomas R, Kevin H, Dave R, and Don S.
Friday night had light rain. But by morning, the sun was out. We spent the morning on the beach cleanup that is run twice a year. In the afternoon, we went over to the lake and played in the sand and water. Around dinner time, there was a capture the flag game that ranged over the area for group camps (as there were few campers).   

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