July 1998, Camp Baldwin

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This year troop 163 went to Camp Baldwin in the Cascade Pacific Council. There were 10 scouts and two adults who went on the trip including: Matt C Trevor d Ty F David M Sean M Amphil R Thomas R Conrad S Kyle W Andy W Dave R, and Don S. There were lots of opportunities for rank advancement as well as merit badges. All of the scouts completed merit badges and many of the scouts substantially finished their rank advancement as well.
The week we were at camp was rather warm. Many of the scouts elected to spend a fair amount of their free time at the water front. A number of the boys obtained their canoing merit badge. Part of the requirements required jumping out of the canoe and getting back in without swaming the canoe, and on another day required swamping the canoe and draining the canoe while still in the water. There were lots of happy faces during those excercies. One of the requirements for First Class is a five mile hike. The Eagle's Nest area (which helped scouts with rank advancement) held a five mile hike into the high meadows surrounding the camp. Don S took advantage of this outing to get some R&R.
There were lots of wildflowers out in this season, and views which extended off into the distance.
There was time for the occassional nap during the day. I don't know if the scouts needed the naps; they sure came in handy for some of the adults.
Camp Baldwin is on the East side of Mount hood at about 4,000 foot elevation. The air was crisp, and the nights were very bright.
Some of the scouts took their Archery and Rifle merit badges at camp. This camp had the nicest archery range of any of the scout camps I've been to. There was a fair amount of wildlife running around camp. The chipmunks ate anything which was left out, and the deer had no fear and wandered through camp during quiet times. It seems that some of the chipmunks had tools, and could quite easily break into peanut butter containers, brownies, or other items which they considered food.
The first stop was the Health lodge for checking the physicals.
After our physicals we stopped by the lake for our swim check. All of the scouts made their "Swimmers" level.

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