April 1998, Scout Show

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On 18 April 1998 Troop 163 built a tower for the Scout Show using their lashing skills. Once built, the public was invited in to swing on a rope swing.

Scouts participating included: Jeff d, John-Paul D, Grant K, Henrik N, Andrew P, Thomas R, Conrad S, Dan S, and Kyle W. Adults present included: Gary H, Walt H, Reed K, Dave R, and Don S.

The night before the show, the troop built the two sides of the tower. Then in the morning, the sides of the tower were hoisted into place, and held by ropes and temporary bracing.
Once the sides have been hoisted, the lower cross members are lashed into place.
With the lower cross members in place, the tower is sturdy enough to climb and install the upper cross members.
Now it is time to install the diagonal cross braces. This will keep the tower from shifting. After the diagonal braces are in, the floors, ladders, flags, rope swing, etc. are installed, and the tower is ready for use.
The tower was quite sturdy. Even with people walking on the lower deck, the upper deck stood very still, and offered a view of the entire show.   

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