April 1998, First Aid Night

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The scouts of Troop 163 were able to practice their First Aid skills on parents, dummies, and Eagle Scouts on 6 April 1998.

We had about 15 scouts participate in the First Aid night. We also had about 25 extras in the form of parents, siblings, Eagle Scouts, and ex-scouts to help carry this event off. Thanks to everybody, with special thanks to Reed K for organizing this event.

The Scouts were: Trevor d, Nick H, Grant K, David M, Sean M, Nenrik N, Thomas R, Conrad S, Kyle W, and Andy W.

There were lots of people to help stage the event. Some of the non-parents were: Gary H, Toby J, Cody M, and Peter R.

Toby J was having a bad day with various things which bite or sting, including bees, dogs, and scorpions. The scouts all tried their hand at helping Toby survive his ordeal. Elsewhere in the room, we had some rather severe burns which would need some attention.
Peter R had the misfortune of drowning several times in the shallow end of the room. The scouts were able to demonstrate their first aid in resuing him from the pool and then getting him to breath again.
From appearances, it appears that people had a lot of fun in this activity, and hopefully, the scouts learned a little bit more about their First Aid. One of the parents brought along a dummy from work who suffered a number of disasters over the evening, including walking on the beach and having a deck collapse on him. The scouts did what they could to evaluate the problems, and then render appropriate first aid. You can also see the dummy towards the top of the page.
Throughout the evening, the scouts were transporting each other on makeshift stretchers. Some of the injuries required appropriate bandaging.
Some of the accidents were rather bloody, and the victims were somewhat dazed.

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