January 1998, Snow camping at Bend

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Snow Camping Members of the Boy Scout Troop 163 from Corvallis, Oregon traveled to Bend on 17 January 1998. We had a great turnout.

We had 10 scouts Andy C, Matt C, Trevor d, Zach d, David M, Sean M, Thomas R, Conrad S, Jeremy T, Kyle W, In addition, we had 6 adults: John D, Ron M, Rafael M, Alan M, Dave R and Don S.

We had a plan to travel to Hoodoo to camp in the snow. When we got there, the weather was a bit warm and wet, so we west on to Mt. Bachlor to find some cold. We found it, and spent the weekend learning how to camp in the snow, build igloos, and some even went cross country sking.

When we arrived, there were other people there including a Boy Scout troop which was just up for the day. They had great knives for cutting snow and making igloos. Our scouts pitched in and learned the basics of making igloos. That night we had seven people sleeping in igloos. I heard no complaints about them being cold.

People slept in in the morning. When people finally did get up, it was time to cook breakfast.
Once we pack up, and shut down the igloos, we went back to Hoodoo to do a bit of sleding down the hill.

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