December 1997, Mary's Peak

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Members of the Boy Scout Troop 163 from Corvallis, Oregon traveled to Mary's Peak in December 1997. This was the same weekend as a horse riding merit badge, so only a few people stayed overnight but there were lots of scouts that came up for the day.

During the night we had the opportunity to listen to the coyotes howling. We just wish they were howling from a bit more of a distance.

We had 7 scouts Matt C. Nick H, Grant K, Henrik N, Thomas R, Dan S, and Kyle W. In addition, we had 5 adults: Pieter d, Kevin H, Niels N, Dave R and Don S.

Mary's Peak was covered with a light dusting of snow, but deep enough to run the sleds. There were a number of sleds, but the fastest sled on the hill was from 's family. It was a classic toboggan straight out of Calvin & Hobbes made of laminated wood, speed, and danger. It was great fun.
Kevin H and his son Nick H are walking up the hill. The Gazette Times was on the mountain that day and caught a great shot of this pair on the tobaggan while airborne. Matt C, Kyle W, and Niels N walking up the hill to get ready for one of the sled runs.
The snow covered hill with the cloud covered valley was seen while on the way to the top of Mary's Peak. The weather in the valley was socked in, but we had plenty of sunshine during the day on Mary's Peak. Niels N and Dan S made the treacherous trip to the summit, and posed at the top of the world with their Norwegian flag. (Niels N is from that part of the world.) See also image1 and image2.
Our fearless scoutmaster, Don S, takes a sledding run. One of our scouts is on the tobaggan.
The tobaggan tended to pick up quite a bit of speed. There is no particular means of control other than leaning. There is also no particular way to slow down other than putting out a leg and hoping your leg remains part of your body. This combination resulted in lots of sudden stops.

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