November 1997, Crabing

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The bridge at Florence Members of the Boy Scout Troop 163 from Corvallis, Oregon traveled to Florence to catch crabs in November 1997. The crabs had good luck this year, and only lost 2 members. Even despite the rain, wind, tumbling tents, people had a good time.

We had 10 scouts Andy C, Matt C, Trevor d, Zach d, Nick H, Sean M, Henrik N, Thomas R, Kyle W, and Andy W, In addition, we had 10 adults: Mark d, Gary H, Walt H, Toby J, Name(Reed Kinney, Cindy M, Ron M, Niels N, Dave R and Don S.

The first order of business is to set up camp. Gary H is adding an extra tarp to the top of his tent to deal with the possibility of rain. Then it is off to the docks for crabbing. Andy W and Nick H have their life jackets and rain coats on. It is unclear if it was the people or the crabs who are really wetter. Walt H has a tradition of giving a dollar to the first scout to bring in a full sized crab. This year the prize went to Andy C.
Dinner time brings darkness and more rain. The crabs are the center of attention for Trevor d and Zach d.
After a wet and windy night, it was time for a somewhat damp breakfast. However, the day did clear up, and some of the scouts were able to get time out on the beach before it was time to head back to Corvallis.

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