September 1997, Jefferson Park wilderness area

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We started at the trailhead at about 4,000 feet. It took awhile to stretch our legs after a long drive. We took that opportunity to have a few snacks. The initial climb was about 1,600 feet in the first 1.5 mile. There were some rather deep valleys behind us. Our initial view of Mt. Jefferson was shrouded in clouds. We watched as the clouds blew around.
Once we finally reached our camping area at 5,900 feet, we looked around at a few places. This is Bays lake. We eventually camped on the other side which let us see the lake and then Mt. Jefferson in the background. A number of the kids tried their hand at fishing, but didn't have much luck.
Mt. Jefferson still has a bit of snow as well as the glaciers. On the hike out of the camp, the scouts took a side trip up the side of the mountain to get to a snow field at about 7,000 feet.
There was a rather rugged looking lower peak about 90 degrees to the left from Mt. Jefferson.
A couple more shots of Mt. Jefferson.   

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