July 1997, Camp Baker

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In July 1997, Troop 163 went to Camp Baker on the Oregon Coast.

We had 12 scouts Andy C, Matt C, Trevor d, Zach d, John-Paul D, Nick H, Grant K, Thomas R, Conrad S, Jeremy T, Kyle W, and Andy W.

In addition, we had 3 adults: Kevin H, Timothy K, and Don S.

Zach d and Trevor d reading in camp. It looks like a number of kids have been working on projects. Andy C is busy burying Grant K in the volleyball court in the middle of the camp.
A tug-of-war that some of the members of Troop 163 participated in. A group picture including a person from another troop, Kyle W, Conrad S, and Matt C that are the winners of a tug-of-war.
Matt C and Kyle W working on a lashing project for First Class. Grant K and Kyle W at the supply tent in camp.

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